Pembrokeshire earmarked as possible location for Guggenheim Museum

Published: Thursday 23rd May 2013

Written by: Anita Lee

Proposals are being put forward to introduce a Guggenheim museum to Wales in a bid to mirror the success of the iconic art gallery in Bilbao in Spain.

Wales could be transformed into an international cultural destination should the proposals come to fruition, according to the group behind the plan which would be backed by the prestigious Guggenheim Foundation in New York.

Possible locations earmarked so far include Cardiff, Swansea and Pembrokeshire, and former MP Adam Price, who will present the idea in a public talk, suggested the museum could be open 'around 2019 or 2020'.

Boasting a stunning landscape that has inspired many international artists over the decades, it would be fitting for Pembrokeshire to host a museum of such importance in the art world.

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Image Credit: Riina (Wikimedia Commons)

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Anita Lee


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