New ad set to attract thousands to Pembrokeshire

Published: Monday 24th Feb 2014

Written by: Anita Lee

A new ad campaign from Visit Wales is set to attract thousands of people to Wales this spring and summer; the new advertising push has cost £4 million and is backed by the EU in a move to attract more Irish and British tourists to Wales. Launching on St David’s Day, this 1st March, the new campaign shows off Wales as an energetic and activity-fuelled destination enjoyed by both families, couples, groups and solo hikers.

Having long been established as a patron of the great outdoors, Visit Wales illustrates just how much there is to do outside in the country. Such activities as mountain biking across the Preseli Hills and dolphin spotting on the coast during Pembrokeshire cottage breaks have been featured in the ad and have long been enjoyed by visitors.

Have You Packed For Wales?

The new TV ad, which is said to be the primary focus of the campaign, bears the campaign’s slogan ‘have you packed for Wales?’ to further cement its image of being a country of activities and experiences. The advert’s director Marc Evans praised west Wales and Pembrokeshire, stating “I was brought up in Cardiff but every summer was spent in West Wales and I have a lifelong love of the place. It was great to shoot in Cardigan Bay”.

The advert is set to a soundtrack by Cerys Matthews and her rendition of the lullaby ‘Mil Harddach’ as the ad’s director goes about illustrating how anything is possible in this ‘big little country’ where ‘the usual holiday gear isn’t enough’. The ad goes about tackling the misconception some Britons have of there not being a wide variety activities and things to see in Wales; Economy Minister Edwina Hart commented that, “Wales provides the warmest of welcomes, outstanding quality, excellent value for money and memorable, authentic experiences for our visitors”.

You can watch the TV advert on the VisitWales website

Image Credit: © Crown copyright (2014) Visit Wales

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