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Published: Wednesday 11th Feb 2015

Written by: Powells Holiday Team

An actress who grew up in the popular seaside town of Tenby in Pembrokeshire has made her debut on the BBC’s TV drama Call the Midwife. Kate Lamb, who began her acting career with Tenby’s Stagestruck company as a child, has since gone on to secure one of the popular series’ most controversial roles.

Lamb, who grew up in a picturesque area of Pembrokeshire now more famous for Tenby cottage holidays with sea views than it is for producing actresses, has described her winning of the role of hospital nursing sister and St John Ambulance Brigade volunteer Delia as “just amazing”.

“It’s a very exciting storyline”

If it weren’t enough that Lamb landed a role in the hit TV series, her character Delia is also at the heart of one of the show’s most controversial storylines, as next week it is revealed that Delia is in a relationship with midwife Patsy. The episode, airing on the 22nd February is set to get viewers talking and is a plot that Lamb describes in this article as “a very exciting storyline, and it was really something to get my teeth into.”

Regulars to Pembrokeshire holiday cottages in the summer might even recognise ‘Delia’s’ accent, as Lamb was asked to audition with a regional accent so decided to try out for the role with a Pembrokeshire twang, a feature that ended up being written into the show.

Lamb stars next to renowned actresses Miranda Hart, Jenny Agutter and Judy Parfitt, thus putting Tenby on the map of BBC stardom. Lamb’s previous roles include the part of Macy in Red Hart in 2011, Sally in Hearts & Minds in 2009 and Chas in 2014’s A Quiet Courage.

One thing’s for sure; locals and regular visitors to Pembrokeshire coastal towns will be tuning into the next episode of Call the Midwife, likely for both a sight of Lamb’s performance and the gripping storyline twist.


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