Calling all anglers: Pembrokeshire’s first Lure Fishing Festival

Published: Wednesday 3rd Jun 2015

Written by: Anita Lee

Near the end of June, the region will welcome fishermen from all parts ready to test their skills in a variety of competitions and fishing techniques. The Lure Fishing Festival starts on 26th June.

There will be a number of prizes for fishing from boats, kayaks and the shore with the assistance of lures only. There are “catch and release” species hunt prizes, the greatest number of a single species, as well as total species length. There are special awards categories for juniors, female and visiting fishermen.

For the fishing festival, there is one entry fee for the three competitions. It is free for Under 16s.

The boating section is open to private and charter vessels. Visiting boats are welcome as well. Shore fishing is encouraged throughout the secluded rocks, coves and beaches that make the region so special. Finally, for kayak anglers, there are a variety of launching points and accommodation for kayaks. Nearly all the best fishing is just steps away from our holiday cottages in Pembrokeshire.

Registration starts from midday on Friday at the Neyland Marina. Once registered, fishing can take place through to Sunday. Results and photos must be handed in to event staff by 1 pm Sunday for judging. Organisers hope to see everyone at an awards presentation on Sunday to celebrate the weekend of fishing. There will be food, drink and event sponsors on hand to make it a party to remember.

Pembrokeshire’s coastline is dotted with in-shore reefs and many sheltered bays, and those competing in the contest will be fishing the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. It offers more than 150 miles of prime fishing spots and as part of the Milford Haven waterway, the contest location provides a supportive habitat for many, many different species of fish. The event normally coincides with the widely popular Pembrokeshire Fish Week, however the festival is not going ahead this year. Last year, the event attracted 31,000 visitors and generated nearly £3 million for the local economy, according to various reports.

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