Tenby to be more pedestrian friendly this summer

Published: Wednesday 15th Jul 2015

Written by: Anita Lee

A popular destination for holiday travellers, Tenby in Pembrokeshire will be closed to vehicle traffic for a bit longer this year. The town's annual scheme to promote pedestrian traffic in the warmer months has been extended by three weeks this year, and the roads are now shut longer during the day.

The closing of roads to traffic in the seaside resort town has been started two weeks earlier than usual, as part of a new trial by the Pembrokeshire Council. The traffic control measures are being extended to 11 September – one week later than usual. Roads will be also be opened at 5.30pm daily instead of 5pm in previous years.

In discussing the traffic changes, Rob Lewis, Cabinet Spokesperson for Transportation for Pembrokeshire Council, said: “The scheme intends to support local businesses and town council initiatives aimed at regenerating the town centre by building on the successful existing pedestrianisation scheme.

“It will be fully reviewed later in the year to determine whether it should be made permanent.”

A majority of residents and business owners in the walled town were in favour of extending the traffic restrictions. During a consultation period for the council, they found that 59 percent wanted the extension, compared to 36 percent who were not in favour of the extension.

The change should be good news for visitors. Holiday cottages in Tenby offer access to some the region’s best restaurants, shopping and beaches. Tourism is the primary economic driver for the small community.

To help keep drivers happy this summer, there will be a park and ride service that will operate on a free basis. The service will provide rides for those at the Salterns car park only. The service will start on 18 July to coincide with the start of the school holidays. It will continue until 11 September when Ironman Wales is held in the area.


Image Credit: Matthew Hartley (flickr.com)

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