Restoration of historic Tenby fountain completed

Published: Tuesday 21st Aug 2012

Written by: Powells Holiday Team

A landmark in Tenby was restored to its former glory last weekend, after being kept in storage for the last 21 years.

The Dyster Memorial Fountain had stood in the centre of Tudor Square for over a century, and back when it was first erected it was very important as a drinking water provider for the public and for horses.

With the arrival of the automobile however, the fountain became a bit troublesome due to its location in the middle of the square, and was unfortunately damaged by a lorry in 1991.

The fountain was then put into storage and it was decided a few years ago that it should be placed back again into Tudor Square as part of the development of the square. The work has now finished and the fountain once again sits beautifully in Tenby, marking the memory of Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Wedgwood of Tenby, Waterloo veteran and grandson of the founder of Wedgwood pottery, once again.

Tenby is one of Pembrokeshire’s most picturesque towns, and thanks to projects like the restoration of the Dyster Memorial Fountain, those staying in Tenby cottages can look forward to spending time in a place full of charm.

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Powells Holiday Team
Powells Holiday Team


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