Home of rare dragonfly species in Pembrokeshire safeguarded

Published: Monday 8th Jul 2013

Written by: Anita Lee

In some fantastic news for the wildlife of Pembrokeshire, the home of a rare dragonfly species in the county has been safeguarded thanks to some sustained conservation efforts.

With farmers and several conservation organisations joining forces with the landowner, the future of Pensarn Corner on the Preseli Mountains has now been ensured for years to come and will continue to serve as the home for the Southern Damselfly (Coenagrion mercuriale).

While clusters of the species can be found in parts of north-west Europe, as much as 25% of the global population is shared between Pensarn Corner and one other spot in the UK.

The preservation of the site is fantastic news for the region, ensuring that one the many species found across Pembrokeshire will be resident in the Welsh county for years to come. If you are looking forward to a holiday in one of the holiday cottages in Pembrokeshire this summer, why not come along and discover this rare species for yourself?

Image Credit: Alastair Rae (Flickr.com)

Anita Lee
Anita Lee


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