More people than ever choosing UK holiday over going abroad

Published: Monday 8th Jul 2013

Written by: Anita Lee

A series of new data has highlighted the huge popularity of holidays at the Great British seaside, with more people than ever keen to ditch the airports and drive straight to the UK coast for their summer getaway.

The data was published by Travelodge. It found that a staggering 65% of Britons are planning to enjoy a staycation this year, a stark increase compared to the 41% who were keen to holiday in the UK rather than visiting shores abroad. With the average trip costing £399.28, this will also see a rise in the revenue generated for the UK tourism industry, rising by £3.3 billion to £12 billion.

One area which has grown in popularity is South Wales, with cottages in Pembrokeshire particularly favourable as they stand just a stone's throw away from quaint towns such as Tenby and Pembroke; it helps that the region's beaches are also regarded as some of the finest in the UK.

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