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Tenby chip shop named in UK's top 50

Written by Anita Lee on

A popular fish and chip shop in the Pembrokeshire town of Tenby has had its excellent reputation recognised by the authors of Fry Magazine, who have named the family-run restaurant in their inaugural '50 Best Fish and Chip Shops in the UK' list.

D. Fecci & Sons was opened way back in 1935, and has provided fantastic meals for countless local residents and holidaymakers alike every year since, with its standing both in the region and in the country as a whole continuing to improve.

A mystery diner penned a highly complementary write-up of the restaurant, which will come as welcome news to any groups looking forward to a stay in one of the holiday cottages in Tenby soon and who were not sure yet of where to eat; a varied menu, 'perfectly cooked' batter, and a friendly team of staff were all acknowledged as key positive points by the reviewer.

This Fry Online page lists all the restaurants to have made it into the prestigious top 50 list, whilst a longer review can be read in full in the physical copy of the Fry Magazine.

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