Article celebrates family fun to be found in Pembrokeshire

Published: Wednesday 11th Sep 2013

Written by: Anita Lee

An article written for a national newspaper has highlighted the endless fun Pembrokeshire can offer holidaymakers, with the county providing a huge thrill for the writer and his young family.

Writing for The Mirror, Tom Bryant speaks about the variety of rides available to experience at Oakwood, one of the oldest theme parks in Pembrokeshire. An attraction which he clearly enjoyed was Treetops, stating that he enjoyed the ride six times consecutively alongside his four-year-old daughter. Other rides he includes is the heart-tumbling, wild wooden rollercoaster called 'Megafobia', and 'Vertigo', a sky-diver designed extreme flight experience which sends riders soaring into the air at high speeds.

As one of the finest theme parks in the county, Oakwood is one of the most popular days out for families to enjoy during their Pembrokeshire cottage holidays. If you want to experience the same fun which is displayed in the article, be sure to add a visit to the park into your itinerary.

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