Holidaymakers enjoy surprise dolphin display at Saundersfoot

Published: Thursday 12th Sep 2013

Written by: Anita Lee

The rich diversity of wildlife was shown in Saundersfoot earlier this month, with beach-goers in this beautiful region of Pembrokeshire treated to a delightful display by some dolphins.

Taking place just off Monkstone Point, the show is said to have gone on for more than two hours as the majestic creatures leapt out of the water to provide great entertainment for the revellers on the shoreline.  It wasn't an isolated affair, with the dolphins returning to the same spot the day after to provide a repeat performance for those who missed them the first time round. It is the latest in a series of wildlife sightings off the coast of the county; among the most notable was a thresher shark leaping out of the water just a mile off the coast of Tenby.

With the dolphin likely to stick around for the next few weeks, why not head to Saundersfoot during your Pembrokeshire cottage holidays and see if you can spot a glimpse of them yourself?

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