New walk now open on Caldey Island

Published: Sunday 15th Sep 2013

Written by: Anita Lee

A brand new walking path has been created on Caldey Island, one which allows visitors to retrace the footsteps of the famous monks who once lived there.

No more than a stone's throw away from the delightful coastal town of Tenby, Caldey Island has long been one of the most important tourist spots and offers stunning views across the coastline of South Wales. The newly established walk is a great way to discover these fantastic vistas, beginning on the north side of the island at Redberry Bay before leading up to West Beacon Point and skirting around Sandtop Bay; the locations give walkers the chance to gaze as far as the beautiful Barafundle Bay, while show off Tenby's coastlines from a variety of angles.

If you are getting excited about exploring the region on your Pembrokeshire holidays in the coming weeks, be sure to bring along some decent footwear and discover this great new footpath.

Anita Lee
Anita Lee


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