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Trio of baby meerkats causing excitement at Folly Farm

Written by Anita Lee on

Folly Farm in Pembrokeshire has been celebrating the birth of three meerkats who have been welcomed as great additions to the existing mob at the park and are already proving hugely popular with visitors.

Regularly named as offering one of the top days out for those on their holidays in South Wales, Folly Farm is home to over 250 animals from 50 different species including the royal python, Bactrian camel, giraffe, barbary macaque and the Brazilian tapir.

Having been born at the park last month, the trio are growing up fast and apparently love nothing more than exploring their home; having spent their first few weeks with Mum and Dad, they are now causing quite a stir thanks to their cute factor.

If you are looking forward to your Pembrokeshire cottage holidays in the coming weeks, why not come along meet the latest residents at Folly Farm? If you can't wait until your visit, just click on this link to see some images of the playful gang.

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