Pembrokeshire tourism campaign continues in February

Published: Wednesday 5th Feb 2014

Written by: Anita Lee

The “Out and About” campaign from the tourism board in Pembrokeshire will continue throughout 2014 following the campaign’s success in 2013.

The campaign has members that own quality Pembrokeshire cottages and hotels and was initially set-up to provide regional businesses within the tourism sector an opportunity to ask the tourism board about their business and the visitor economy.

The campaign aims to improve businesses’ offering to visitors, which in turn improves the experience had by visitors to the area.

Maudie Hughes Chief Executive of Pembrokeshire Tourism adds, “We have had some great feedback from our members who have attended the Out and About’s, whether they are networking with each other or receiving advice from the team, they have found them to be very beneficial. Whether it is assistance with grading or advice on marketing, we have been there to offer guidance on some of the major issues they face as a business”.

There to make a better Pembrokeshire

The Out and About scheme is aimed at improving businesses within the travel sector in Pembrokeshire and the campaign, which was launched in Autumn 2013, seems to have already had an impact as an end of year survey revealed that Pembrokeshire tourism firms had a hugely successful 2013.
The study found that 75% of Pembrokeshire Tourism members were happy with the performance of their business during 2013 with both bookings and visitor numbers increasing during peak holiday times.
This is believed to have occurred due to a better summer, but also as a result of better, more focused marketing from travel firms in Pembrokeshire – something which is taught by the Out and About campaign.
It is hoped that more visitors will come to Pembrokeshire in 2014 as a result of the Out and About campaign with more travel firms in the area presenting a more focused offering to visitors.

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