Pembrokeshires Folly Farm gains a record-breaker

Published: Friday 4th Jul 2014

Written by: Powells Holiday Team

As Pembrokeshire’s famed Folly Farm animal park rounds the corner into its peak season, the park and visitors alike will be delighted to hear the news of one of their giraffes taking the title for the tallest giraffe in the UK. The adventure park and zoo has just announced that one of their male giraffes, Zulu, is officially the tallest giraffe in the UK, standing at a whopping 19 feet tall. 

Folly Farm has been the attraction of choice for families enjoying a stay in summer Pembrokeshire holiday cottages for many years, with the giraffe enclosure home to a bachelor herd of males – Zulu, Rian, Taharqa and Sillan – being among the most popular sights.

A county of wild wildlife 

The news of Zulu’s record-breaking height is not the only example of fantastic wild sights to see in the Welsh county as there have been many accounts of wildlife sightings breaking into the news of late. From 80-foot Fin Whales being spotted off of the coast to over 100 otter sightings being reported after an appeal, Pembrokeshire is establishing its reputation as the place to be to indulge your wild side.

There has even been a report of an escaped vulture wandering around the fields of Pembrokeshire after escaping from his home at the Pembrokeshire Falconry near Narberth – though readers shouldn’t be worried about coming across this impressive bird of prey around Saundersfoot beach cottages as the white-backed vulture from Spain has been found and returned safely to his perch in the Falconry for visitors to see in a controlled environment. 

If Zulu and friends wasn’t enough wildlife to see in the county, Folly Farm is home to over 400 different species, including penguins, zebras, meerkats, ostriches and, of course, more giraffes. To see Zulu and his other tall friends, visitors can enjoy a great view from the park’s raised viewing platform so that guests can really appreciate just how tall they are.

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