Superpod of Dolphins visit Pembrokeshire

Published: Tuesday 7th Oct 2014

Written by: Powells Holiday Team

A group of Sea Trust volunteers discovered a superpod of dolphins just off the coast of Pembrokeshire recently.

The superpod is believed to have contained over 1,000 dolphins, which is the highest number of dolphins spotted in Welsh waters in the 10 years that the volunteers have conducted their research.

Three other superpods have been spotted off the Pembrokeshire coast before, but this latest sighting could be another welcome boost to the region’s tourism industry as many people rent luxury Pembrokeshire cottages to get a glimpse of the area’s stunning wildlife.

Dolphin babies spotted

The superpod was seen off the coast between Milford Haven and Lundy in the Bristol Channel and the survey boat, the Cartlett Lady, was surrounded by the pod for approximately three hours. The superpod mainly included mothers with their calves and juveniles.

A conservation group spokesperson told the BBC, "Our conservative estimate was 1,000-plus animals but it was probably twice that as it was almost impossible to keep track of them.

"On three occasions we have encountered superpods of common dolphin in Pembrokeshire waters but this was the most spectacular with wall-to-wall dolphins."

One of the reasons why Pembrokeshire and, in particular, self catering Tenby cottages are so popular with holidaymakers is because of the area’s natural beauty and array of wildlife. Dolphins are not the only visitors to the Pembrokeshire coast as Atlantic grey seals, puffins, whales, porpoise and an array of migrant birds also visit the region on a regular basis. This is why Pembrokeshire is a popular destination for bird watchers and other wildlife lovers – it has an abundance of animals within its midst!

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