Beautiful rare sea slugs found in Pembrokeshire

Published: Wednesday 19th Nov 2014

Written by: Powells Holiday Team

Beautiful and rare sea slugs have been found off of the Pembrokeshire coast, just another testament to the incredible wildlife which this part of the UK boasts.

The rare "Nudibranchs" were spotted during an annual survey by the Welsh Government sponsored body, Natural Resources Wales (NRW). They were spotted deep in the sea near the Skomer Marine Nature Reserve in Pembrokeshire, the first and only MNR in the whole of Wales and a popular area for a stay in a Pembrokeshire holiday cottage.

“Lucky at Skomer”

Marine Conservation Officer, Kate Lock, from NRW said in this BBC article, “We're lucky at Skomer to have such a huge variety of species, all uniquely spectacular. Around 68% of the total UK species can be found here in just a 13.3 kilometre area.” Skomer Island has been a popular site for visitors to Pembrokeshire staying in nearby Tenby holiday cottages in summer for some time, the boat trips around this famed island offer a wealth of natural beauty to photograph and many once-in-a-lifetime wildlife experiences to be had.

The finding of the rare Nudibranchs is reported to reflect the superior water quality off of the Pembrokeshire coast and around this area with 72 of the 108 recorded species in UK waters said to be found off of the coast of Pembrokeshire.

The article also communicates that it is not just Skomer where visitors can catch a sight of these beautiful slugs, they are also often sighted in rock pools on Pembrokeshire beaches including Manorbier and Freshwater East.

Described as ‘not your average slug’ by the NRW it is hoped that this recording will not only encourage more families to go rock pooling in Pembrokeshire where local authorities continue their hard work to maintain the quality of the surrounding waters, but also raise the profile of the humble sea slug.

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