Pembrokeshire Fish Week saved?

Published: Monday 16th Feb 2015

Written by: Powells Holiday Team

Following the decision to cancel 2015’s edition of the now famed Pembrokeshire Fish Week, the Port of Milford Haven has netted a scaly-themed event of its own.

Sadly, it was announced earlier this month that Pembrokeshire Fish Week 2015 had to be cancelled due to the ill-health of one of the event’s key organisers. It was felt that the event that draws so many to the area, making the most of the summer weather and family deals on Saundersfoot cottages, would not be the same without key organiser Kate Morgan, the County Council's Food Development Manager, and so a decision was made for the event to return in 2016.

“Detrimental to its future”

Despite local businesses and visitors evidently disappointed that the event would not take place this year, Pembrokeshire Fish Week organisers stated on their website that they felt it would be “detrimental to its future” if the event went ahead this year.

Instead, Milford Haven are hoping to create an alternative event to ensure that businesses do not lose out and visitors can still enjoy the best of Pembrokeshire’s coastal cuisine. Alec Don, Chief Executive at the Port of Milford Haven, said of the matter in this article, “We are in discussions with Pembrokeshire County Council to see what we can do to create an alternative opportunity for the many businesses that do well out of the event.” While “the Port of Milford Haven will not be in a position to organise a festival on the same scale as Pembrokeshire Fish Week” it is hoped that they can “create a vibrant waterfront destination at Milford Dock.”

It is thought that the Milford Haven event, should all go to plan, will take place in June, the same month that the Pembrokeshire Fish Week normally begins. While the new event will surely not attempt to match the scale of the former, it will hopefully whet the appetite of visitors staying in Pembrokeshire self-catering cottages and locals looking for such a seafood-themed festival.


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