Fort in Pembrokeshire open to the public for the first time

Published: Wednesday 25th Mar 2015

Written by: Powells Holiday Team

Chapel Bay Fort and Museum at Angle in Pembrokeshire is opening up to the public for the first time on 3rd April. 

The Victorian Fort and museum have been undergoing major restoration work, but this April visitors staying in Pembrokeshire cottages near Angle and locals will be able to explore the fort and see a number of special exhibitions that will be on show in the museum.

The coastal artillery fort dates back to 1891 and is the earliest known fort in the world to be made from concrete.

The fort was part of twelve Victorian forts that were constructed in the 19th century to help defend Milford Haven Waterway and the surrounding areas from invasions, and the Chapel Bay Fort will be the first of these twelve forts to be open to the public.

Museum to host a number of displays

The fort’s museum will be displaying a number of amazing exhibitions when it opens at the beginning of April and it is expected that holidaymakers on holidays in Tenby and other nearby areas will visit the fort to see these displays.

The biggest gun and shell in Wales will be one of the most iconic exhibits on display, as will an 18-ton rifled muzzle loading gun. As well as this, the fort will have exhibitions on World War One, artillery, small arms, bomb disposal, the Royal Artillery and the telephone exchange.

This news is even more astonishing when you consider that the fort was falling into ruin until military historian George Geear bought it. Now, after years of restoration work, the fort will finally be available for the public to see and learn about its extensive history.

Speaking to Wales Online, George Geear said, “The Haven has fortifications going back to the Bronze Age.

“Guided tours will take place in the museum of military technology – a memorial to the men who served and trained there – underground works and tunnels, gun emplacements and magazines.”


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