Pembrokeshire daily deals site set to launch

Published: Tuesday 31st Mar 2015

Written by: Powells Holiday Team

A new daily deals website that is exclusive to Pembrokeshire will be launching this coming Sunday. The site will offer exclusive discounts with local businesses, which could be a great chance for both local residents and those on holiday in Pembrokeshire to have fun and save some money at the same time.

The site,, is set to launch on Sunday 5th April, when the first treat will be announced. Those wishing to receive the daily email newsletter can sign up now and be among the first to see what great deals are available with local businesses, with some offering as much as 50 per cent off.

As the website has not officially launched, it is not yet known which businesses are currently involved. However, judging from the range of great local businesses, restaurants and attractions there are in the local area, there is plenty of potential to get a great deal on a great time!

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Those who are interested in getting daily emails from DailyLocalTreats can sign up by visiting the website, but you can also follow them on Facebook here and Twitter here, where they will also be sharing details of these local deals.

The site was set up by local Pembrokeshire man Rhys Jelley, who said in this article from Pembrokeshire Tourism, “Daily deals websites are nothing new but major companies within the industry tend to focus on cities and large towns. is different as we’ll be working with local, well-regarded businesses to offer discounts that are relevant to the people of Pembrokeshire.”

Whilst the deals from DailyLocalTreats will cover a variety of local business sectors such as health, beauty, fitness, entertainment and hospitality, you can also find more deals at local tourist attractions by taking a look at our Pembrokeshire discounts, deals and vouchers guide.


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