Tenby island to open

Published: Tuesday 14th Apr 2015

Written by: Powells Holiday Team

Tenby’s famous Catherine Island may soon be open to the public once more as a plan to reopen the Victorian fort on the island has been recommended for approval.

A similar proposal was turned down by National Park planners previous to this latest plan in 2013, but the latest proposition from the Tenby Island Project looks promising as it has been said that it would produce “economic benefit”.

It has been 36 years since the fort was in use as a zoo so, should the plans get the go ahead, it could mean an increase in Tenby cottage holiday bookings and visitors to the area.

“The tourist offer of Tenby”

Tenby is already a popular area for families to visit on summer Pembrokeshire holidays for its picturesque coastline and family-friendly activities, where this latest plan is expected to only add to “the tourist offer of Tenby” according to the report as featured by the BBC.

While the 2013 proposal was turned down as a result of concerns for the surrounding area and the possibility of bats using the fort, it is hoped that this latest proposal may be more successful as it has been submitted with a protected species survey and is thought to bring significant economic benefit to the area.

The next meeting of Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority's development management committee is due to be held later this month and it could decide the fate of the island as planners have recommended the new plan for approval at the meeting.

In addition to restoring the fort, the proposal includes plans for a nature walk, boat landings, shops and places to sell food and drink, making the Island a real attraction for visitors after being disused for close to 40 years. It is hoped that local residents will be equally excited about the prospect as it will provide economic benefit as well as protect the integrity of the fort by giving it a new use.


Image Credit: Griffin Guiding (flickr.com)

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