Dark Sky Site nominations for Pembrokeshire coastline

Published: Wednesday 6th May 2015

Written by: Anita Lee

Pembrokeshire has received 10 nominations for sites across its coastline to be rewarded special status as Dark Sky Discovery Sites.

The nominations will now be considered by the UK Dark Sky Discovery Partnership and, if awarded, they will join the already accredited site at Broad Haven South near Bosherton.

‘Stargazing is becoming ever more popular’

With the chance to take some fantastic shots of the night sky, the status is likely to attract new photographers and stargazers to the area, as well as those who already enjoy Pembrokeshire cottage holidays throughout the year.

According to the Dark Sky Discovery Partnership, the sites they deem perfect dark sky sites are those that are away from local light pollution and provide good views of the stars. This is bolstered by having good public access with firm ground and disabled access so that everyone has the chance to enjoy the scenery.

Their Dark Sky discovery map shows the best stargazing locations across the UK. There are 2 main darkness ratings, ‘Orion’ and ‘Milky Way’. If the Pembrokeshire sites are awarded this Special Status, they will be granted one of these two ratings. Milky Way sites are those that are found only in more rural areas, with most sites located in the South West of the UK, giving stargazers and holidaymakers plenty of choice.

The Science and Technology Facilities Council has said “Stargazing is becoming ever more popular. Last year saw over 13,000 people take part in STFC’s Dark Sky Discovery events alone.” Events take place at many of the Dark Sky sites throughout the year, showing that accreditation in this area will only increase the tourism opportunities in Pembrokeshire.

Image Credit: Leo.Wan (Flickr.com) 

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