Two triathlons to start from Fishguard

Published: Wednesday 29th Jul 2015

Written by: Anita Lee

Wales and Pembrokeshire are developing an international sporting reputation for highly competitive triathlons. With Ironman Wales set for mid-September, two smaller events are being held on 1 August to get competitors and spectators excited.

The inaugural Ocean Lava Wales Triathlon will have athletes swim, bike and run from Fishguard into the Pembrokeshire countryside and back. The Wales Sprint Triathlon will be run later in the day along a similar course.

The Ocean Lava race is a middle distance affair with a 1.2-mile swim, a 56-mile bike ride and a 13.1-mile run. For the top 18 athletes in the race, they will qualify for a free place at the upcoming Ocean Lava Triathlon final in Lanzarote, Spain on 1 November. Race organisers are also handing out six “lucky dip” entries to the Lanzarote race available for all competitors.

The swim takes place in Fishguard Bay. There will be two laps with racers getting a bit of support from the crowd as they exit the water and run along the beach before starting the second lap. The bike course leads through the Welsh hills, into St Davids, along the coast and climbing into the villages of Trefin and Mathry. After a quick pass through St Davids again, the bike course ends back in Fishguard.

The running course follows a breathtaking paved, coastal pathway. The four laps will give runners plenty of sea views as they work hard to finish the race. After completing the fourth lap, racers will finish in town on the red carpet.

Later in the day, the sprint race will be held on a shortened version of the course. In that race, there will be a 750m swim, 13-mile cycle and a 3-mile run.

Following the race action, organisers will throw a party in Fishguard. The evening will start at 6pm with pre-awards drinks and continue into the evening with music and dancing. Whether competing or just staying in a holiday cottage in south Pembrokeshire, race day is a lot of fun and the perfect way to spend a Welsh Saturday.


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