Rare sighting of a large pod of dolphins seen just off Pembrokeshire

Published: Thursday 13th Aug 2015

Written by: Powells Holiday Team

A rare sighting of a large pod of common dolphins has been caught on camera just off the coast of Pembrokeshire this week.

It is believed that the pod was 300-strong and was caught on camera by locals Charlie Thomas and his father Ron Thomas when they were on a fishing trip in Abercastle.

Pembrokeshire is a great destination to see dolphins and other marine animals, as people on summer vacations in Tenby cottages and other coastal areas can take part in many activities and tours that involve local wildlife.

Check out the footage of the pod of dolphins in the video here.

As you can see from the video, the dolphins begin to play next to boat before Charlie takes underwater shots of the dolphins congregating.

Charlie added, “We just couldn’t believe what we were seeing. We thought we were dreaming, it was such an incredible experience and one that I’ll never ever forget.”


Not the first sighting of dolphins in Pembrokeshire

An article on the ITV website reveals that this sighting is not the first sighting this month. Pods of dolphins have been spotted in Pembrokeshire at the beginning of the week, when visitors to Skomer Island, which is just off the Pembrokeshire coastline, saw a pod of dolphins.

Dolphins are not the only marine animals to visit waters around Pembrokeshire as a basking shark was also seen at Cardigan Bay earlier this week as well.

Common dolphins are frequently spotted around the Pembrokeshire and Cornish coastlines. The animals are easy to recognise as they have a distinctive creamy yellow hourglass pattern along the sides, with a dark grey back, tail and flippers, and a cream-coloured belly.

Common dolphins can grow as big as 2.7 metres long and generally the marine animals live as long as 20 or 30 years.


Image Credit: Stephen West (flickr.com)

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