Plans set forth to create family water park in Pembrokeshire

Published: Tuesday 22nd Sep 2015

Written by: Anita Lee

Plans were recently unveiled to turn a local Pembrokeshire country park into a Great Welsh Water Park. Dwr Cymru Welsh Water says it wants to turn Llys y Fran Country Park and the nearby reservoir into an interactive aquatic playzone.

Near Haverfordwest, the attraction would include a water sports activity centre and a cycling hub as well. The company recently presented the ideas to the Pembrokeshire County Council. Those behind the plans are hoping the reservoir and surrounding land can become a key tourist destination in western Wales.

Pembrokeshire is already home to so many delightful and family-friendly holiday cottages. The region has attracted visitors for many generations, thanks in part to its natural beauty, amazing beaches, and quaint seaside villages.

In order for the project to move forward, the water company is seeking additional financial support. Visit Wales is also working on the project at the 350-acre site, the company told local media.

“Our aim is to make Llys y Fran a first-class tourism destination in which to enjoy watersports, the playzone, angling or cycling, walk, learn about wildlife and the reservoir or simply sit and enjoy the beautiful surroundings with an excellent coffee,” said Sian Robinson, spokesperson from the water company.

“The plans represent an opportunity for Llys y Fran Reservoir to become an exciting, vibrant visitor attraction that will complement other attractions in Pembrokeshire and bring benefits to the local rural area.”

The entire cost of the project is estimated to be £4 million.

Welsh Water has a strong history of helping to ensure quality services for its communities. The company is investing £1.7 billion in its water and sewerage network between 2015 and 2020.

Owned by Glas Cymru since 2001, it is a ‘not-for-profit company’. It has no shareholders, and all financial surpluses are reinvested in the business for the benefit of its customers.


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