Tenby Leisure Centre undergoing refurbishment

Published: Friday 20th Nov 2015

Written by: Anita Lee

The swimming pool at the Tenby Leisure Centre is temporarily closing thanks to the start of a £1.5 million upgrade. The closure is expected to last through Christmas.

Estimated to be completed in the spring, the planned refurbishment includes a new fitness suite and café, a library, a redone sports hall and dance studio. Additionally, the centre will be getting upgraded changing rooms, and a new open-plan reception area.

Clr. Elwyn Morse, cabinet member for sport and leisure, apologised for any difficulties caused by the temporary closure.

“This will be an inconvenience to local pool users in the short-term, and we are sorry for this,” he said to local media. “However, it is necessary to ensure the safety of our customers at this stage of the building works. When the work is completed, the centre will be a huge asset to Tenby and a great resource for local users.”

The Tenby project is the final part of a 10-year £20 million investment programme into leisure facilities by Pembrokeshire County Council. Chris Payne, leisure services manager, said the major refurbishment project at Tenby would add to the council’s network of quality leisure facilities across the county.

“We look forward to working with even more people in the community to encourage them to take up physical activity,” Payne said. “Which in turn will help them to improve their overall health and well-being.”

The centre upgrades are important for Tenby and the overall region. The improvements may also prove to be another reason for Tenby to attract visitors to the town. With tourism the primary driver for the local community, holiday cottages in Tenby offer access to some the region’s best restaurants, shopping, and beaches.

Local leaders are hoping that by improving the town’s infrastructure and amenities, the town will reflect more reasons to bring in visitors.

Image Credit: Skellig2008 (flickr.com)

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