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Published: Tuesday 10th Jul 2018

Written by: Anita Lee

The idyllic setting of the Welsh county of Pembrokeshire has long been hailed as a picturesque haven of nature and environment, and though there are many activity sites and things to do in this modern age, there is still no better way of seeing the wonderful sights this county has to offer than by walking.

Pembrokeshire is also home to the only coastal national park in the UK, the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. Covering a distance of 243 square miles, it is home to a large number of established walks that have been trekked by avid adventurers for many years who seek to discover the Welsh county’s natural delights.

There are varying degrees of difficulty to suit every level of fitness for walkers staying in Pembrokeshire holiday cottages. Here is a guide to some of the best, with a selection of hints and tips to help you along your way as you discover one of the most enjoyable things to do in Pembrokeshire.

Distance: up to one mile

Should you have minimal time on your hands or struggle to walk too far, there are a number of shorter walks around Pembrokeshire that still offer great examples of Welsh scenery and views.

As one of the most atmospheric Iron Age forts in Pembrokeshire, the Garn Fawr viewpoint walk offers more to see than just a wide expanse of the Pembrokeshire coastline from the summit. Starting and finishing at the Garn Fawr car park, this short walk does include some tricky terrain but the views and historic landmark, that was also used a Second World War lookout, are well worth the effort.

Another short walk along the Pembrokeshire coastline that is perfect for the more relaxed of travellers is found in the Abermawr area. This walk takes you close to the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park as you make your way along the coast and through a stunning bluebell woods and meadow. For full route details, see the National Trust’s website.

Distance: 1-3 miles

At the heart of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park is Pengelli Wood - one of the largest in the region. This beautiful setting offers a great shorter walk for those who wish to explore the local Pembrokeshire countryside, and makes a change from the Wales coastal path.

A full map and details can be found here. Be sure to keep an eye out for bats, woodpeckers and other fantastic examples of wildlife that inhabit the woods and, if you manage to capture a picture, share it with other Pembrokeshire walkers.

Distance: 3-6 miles

One of the most popular routes of a slightly longer distance, at four miles, is the Porthgain to Abereiddy walk. This circular route takes you to and from the quaint fishing town of Porthgain with Abereiddy’s famed Blue Lagoon as a stop-off in between. This flooded slate quarry has made the news of late having been the setting for Red Bull’s Cliff Diving competition in recent years. You can read more about the Blue Lagoon in this article.

If you are looking for a more challenging route, the popular town of Tenby offers one of the best outside the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. At 4.6 miles, this walk takes you on a circular route through the historic town and the promenade and acts as a perfect way to get to know the local area if you are staying in local holiday cottages in Tenby. For the full map and route details, see the Pembrokeshirecoast.org website.


Whilst an apparently simple activity, if you are new to walking countryside or coastal terrain, or are walking in a new area, it is worth bearing in mind a few pointers to make sure you get the most out of your amble.

If you are new to walking, it is always best to start with shorter, easy walks, as you can always build up the distance later.

Also, keep an eye on the weather forecast, as such walks can prove dangerous should the conditions should take an unexpected turn for the worse.

Finally, make sure you are equipped with the right clothing and equipment; Walking Britain have a great directory of gear manufacturers and suppliers to get you started.

For more walks, see the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park website.

Image Credits: falk, Mike Charles (shutterstock.com)

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