Cawl by the Sea - Saundersfoot

Published: Monday 10th Feb 2020

Written by: Kate Pierce

There really is nothing much better than a steaming bowl of cawl, a chunk of bread and butter and if you're lucky a good wedge of good Welsh cheese in these early cold months, where comfort and warmth is prerequisite. Cawl was first recorded as a term in the Fourteenth Century, thought to be from the Latin word Caulis, meaning stalk - which makes perfect sense if you think about what goes into any Welsh cawl recipe. Of course, everyone's recipe will differ, whether you choose to include, lamb, beef, leeks, root vegetables or if you want to go full-on plant-based and simply prepare using nothing but good local veg!

What better way to mark this humble tradition of cawl making and more importantly eating, than to have one great big Saundersfoot CAWL competition! Visit Saundersfoot on the 29th of February where participating venues will be serving up our national dish in a bid to be hailed as 'Cawl Champion 2020'. There surely is no better accolade than that!

On top of all that excitement, there will be lots on throughout the day including live music, raffles and if you can fit anything else in; afternoon tea!

For more information on the event pop to - where you can find out what's on throughout the entire year! 

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Kate Pierce



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