Homes close to a cosy pub

If you're of a certain generation you may remember being taken to the pub as a child but being left in the car with a bottle of coke and a packet of crisps, while your parents sat inside nursing a pale ale and a small white wine. Although we look back with fond memories of those days our pubs in Wales certainly have changed. 

Pubs are places where you learn all the great local secrets, such as where the best swimming holes are or the best beaches, hikes and places of interest. If needed you can be guided to the local mechanic or barber and also discover how long it takes to walk to the nearest castle. It’s also more fun learning about areas through the people who actually live there rather than reading about it online or in a book.

There are over 53,000 pubs in England and Wales and many of our holiday cottages are within walking, cycling or close driving distance. It’s not every night or every lunchtime you feel like self-catering so it's important to have the possibility to get out and eat out.  All over the country people managing pubs are working hard providing great service, food, and drink and are ready to welcome you through their doors.

We have listed our cottages near pubs below, if you can't find what you are looking for please give us a call on 01834 812791

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